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The Hunter Leveling Guide for Mists of Pandaria- Got Warcraft

  • Least gear dependent of all classes.
  • With good gear, practice, can easily top damage charts in dungeons.
  • PvP takes work.

Brief Hunter Leveling Notes

  • Beast Mastery is generally the easiest spec.
  • Ferocity pets= damage.
  • Tenacity pets (Bears)= tanks.
  • Stats
    • Stamina- enough to survive
    • Agility- best stat
    • Crit- next best
  • Mail armor
  • Weapon= highest DPS available.
  • Skip gems and enchants to save money while leveling.
    • Gem for agility.
    • Enchant for Agility, Attack Power, or Stamina.


  • End game: Orcs, Trolls, Humans best.

Hunter Talents for Mists of Pandaria

  • Some hunters tank five-man dungeons with their pets. Could I do this on lower level dungeons to learn better how to play?

Glyphs, Minor

  • Revive pet- enemy attacks don’t slow down. Do I have this?

Pets & Pet Talents

  • Five pets.
  • Stables.
  • 23 families of pets to tame. Each family has a skill.
  • Generally, use a ferocity pet for dungeons.
  • Turn off growl. How??

Gear, Stats, Etc.

  • Stack Agility.

Gems and Enchants

  • Require an item level of 417+.

Leveling Tips

  • Learn to kite, running and gunning, Concussive Shot.
  • Tough mobs squishing pet? Turn off growl and kite. Pet will be safe and add damage.
  • Set up freezing trap before taming new pets to minimize the pet eating you.
  • Stay at range, give pet heat and support.
  1. greg2213 says:

    HI Again,

    About your notes:

    “PvP takes work:” Yep, but a good Hunter is deadly.

    “Could I do this on lower level dungeons to learn better how to play?” Maybe, but you’d have to get a group together that’s Ok with you doing that. Maybe a guild group, one that’d be willing to help you learn.

    “Turn off growl. How??” Look at your pet bar, find Growl, right click it to turn it off.

    “Gems…” The new M of P gems will not fit in any Cataclysm gear, of any level, though the new enchants will. You won’t see much in the way of sockets until you start getting raid or PvP gear.

    • I am definitely not a good hunter, but hopefully I can be one in the future. Right now, I’m doing between 10-18,000 DPS against training dummies. I know that’s low, but I’m not quite sure yet why. I die immediately against other players and hopefully learning my traps will help me with that.

      Wolf ran me through a dungeon this week and I learned a lot about playing, but you’re right, I can’t do that alone. I found a new guild called Village Idiot and they seem pretty open to helping me to learn. I’m excited to finally figure out this game!

      When I turn Growl off, will it stay off, or will it default to on again after a log out or death? I know it makes tanks mad if I have Growl on.

  2. greg2213 says:

    I’ve been playing a mage alot, as you may know they’re even squishier than Hunters. I use anything I can to stop them from coming at me, including running away. Blink is a very nice spell. You have Disengage.

    Your Scatter Shot will cause the opponent to wander aimlessly for a bit. Follow it immediately with a freezing trap and he’ll blunder right into the trap and be an ice cube for a few seconds. This gives you time to escape or set up for the next shot. .

    Concussive shot is great when melee types are following you.

    Stampede is nice for some extra damage and confusion.

    Serpent Sting should always be on all targets, the Damage over Time (DOT) effect will be a big heal, especially against stealthy types.

    Silencing Shot is necessary for all casters.

    Do you use keybindings for your attacks or click the icons? That will increase your DPS all by itself and give you more freedom to move and attack.

    • Thank you so much for this! This is like gold! Right now, I either panic, give up or try to use my PvE rotation in a PvP situation. None of this is really doing it for me. I’m going to try your techniques when I get on and play next. I’ll find these spells in my book and put them on my bar. I’m sure an Alliance (or four) will give me the opportunity (whether I want it or not) to learn how to do this!

      How do I tell if they’re casters? Can I assume that if they’re not killing me with melee that they’re casters?

      I don’t know what a keybind is. What I do now is I move with my keyboard up, down, left and right arrows and I put spells that are good for Hunter rotations (according to the internet) into my bar and then I push the numbers buttons above the letters on my keyboard. I go in order left to right except when I am about to die and at that point I mush all of the buttons with both hands if PvP, or if PvE, I run and hope my pet holds out until I’m far enough away.

      I have a Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard ( at home that I don’t use and my keyboard is a Logitech G15 ( I bought the gameboard to help me to walk better. I often run into fences and fall down stairs or off of bridges even when I’m trying really hard not to. But I think I walk just as crazy without it. It’s been awhile though, so maybe I’ll plug that back in. I know that I could be more efficiently using the gameboard and/or keyboard, but I’m not sure where to start.

  3. greg2213 says:

    Yeah, I know about the freezing up part.

    Here’s a nice guide to keybinding: It’s not specifically for a Hunter, but you should get the idea. You can also go to YouTube and search for Hunter Keybinding.

    You should use your mouse to change directions and your keys for forward, back, and sideways. Use your keys for your abilities. You may see stuff about using macros. Do not worry about that for now.

    Start off with one of two keybinds and practice them on the target dummies until you got them down. Then add another and repeat. Just around like you’re fighting a player. Disengage and shoot. Repeat until you’ve got it. See if there is anyone in your guild who can give you some one on one help.

    Casters are any player lobbing spells at you. You see anyone doing that you should fire a silencing shot at them. Some Warrior is in your face? Disengage to Concussive shot to Serpent sting.

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