Reading Notes 12-28-12

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Hunters, Reading Notes
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Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Guide

Stat Priorities

  • When Expertise is 7.5%, enemies can’t dodge attacks.
  • Pets get Hit and Expertise from their Hunters.
  • What do the >> symbols mean?
  • What is reforging?

In-Depth Rotation Guide

  • Attack from behind to make sure enemies can’t block your shots.
  • Aspect of the Hawk by default; Aspect of the Fox for movement-intensive fights.
  • Cobra Shot does something to Serpent Sting making it last longer.
  • What are Frenzy stacks?
  • I am always running out of Focus, why would I need a Focus dump shot (Arcane Shot)? How do I avoid running out of focus?
  • Cooldowns are confusing.
  1. greg2213 says:

    ‘>’ means “greater than”, it’s the math symbol. “>>” mans “much greater than” so point for point Agility is much more important than any other stat.

    Reforging allows you to move 40% of one stat into some other stat. So you could reforge some of your Mastery into Haste or Hit, for example.

    Stacks just mean that some effect can appear multiple times. Your pet has a Frenzy ability which can stack. That means that if you pet “frenzies” then it has 4% increased attack speed. If it “frenzies” again then it has 8% increased attack speed. That means it has two “stacks.” With 5 “stacks” you get 20% increased attack speed. It’s a passive ability, which just means that it automatically happens.

    Once you learn to manage your focus and your rotations well, and depending on your raid buffs, you may find that Focus tends to stay pretty high. If it stays full it’s wasted. So you use Arcane Shot when there’s nothing better to use.

    Cooldowns are just abilities that take some time to “cool down.” For example, your “Intimidation” and “Bestial Wrath” abilities can only be used once per minute. You use it and it has to “cool down” for a minute before you can use it again. Your PvP trinket (the one that lets you escape from effects) has a 2 minute cooldown.

    • Thanks for the help with the symbols. I knew the math symbol, but I didn’t make the leap of two math symbols is better than one! Haha. It seems so obvious now. Oops. I’ve been looking for Agility in my gear, so that’s good.

      Reforging is awesome. It’s cheap and it changes things for me for the better, making my gear work even harder for me. Love it!

      Do I have to do anything to make the stacks go off?

  2. greg2213 says:

    Not with that ability, it’s passive so it happens automatically. Since it’s based on random numbers you’ll see times when you get lots of stacks and damage and other times when not much happens.

    As far as primary stats, Agility really is the only one to care about. You don’t need Str, Int, or Spiirit at all. Your gear will have enough Stamina.

    If you start getting serious about PvP you’ll want to get your PvP gear, such as the Contender’s gear or Malevolent gear. If you prefer PvE (dungeons, raids) then don’t worry about it.

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